Due Parole, Tre Bugie (Two Words, Three Lies)

First DimSum Western attempt as traditional short film shot in the heart of Hong Kong. Guns were replaced by knifes and the setting was brought upon a shore sight as it was typical for HK films in the late 60s (eg King H’s the Vigilant Ones). Here however, I tried to bring the story into present context. The city gradually revealing within the background the hero’s subsequent return to civilization during the ending are clear references to the urban metropolis action dramas of the HK cinema. Also some wide lens hand-held camera movements, especially the long shot following the villain should refer to this style. At the same time it was mixed by traditional Italian Western framing like the confrontation scene as well as the shootout.

The whole film is inspired and carried by Sergio Morricone’s iconic music. Currently HK based German composer Sebastian Seidel is working on a new music version which will attempt to create a new audio style brought to the genre in order to give it the same iconographic shaping as Morricone achieved with his works.

More on DPTB:
– Sprout micro web page
– Prezi

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