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Alex Cox is probably one of the most important scholars on Spaghetti Westerns. Since his master studies he dealt with the genre and contributed to a huge body of research. His feature film WALKER (1987) was already a hybrid of the Italian and American style mixed with elements of political satire. It was considered as “psychotronic” cinema though and today held as “cult film in search for an audience” (Jonathan Malcolm Lampley) as it flopped in theatres and was despised by critics.

[Criterion essay by Graham Fuller: ]

Cox’s writing 10,000 WAYS TO DIE (1978) is still the most comprehensive English language work on Spaghetti Western and can be downloaded free:

A revised version is available since 2009 as printed book.

He also gave a nice inside on most of the less known but important films ranging from Corbucci to Damiani on the IFC documentary THE SPAGGHETTI WEST (2007). Unfortunately all YouTube clips have been erased just recently, probably due to the extend of violence shown during the film excerpts. Hoverer, readings on Cox can be found here: